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New Blue Sea (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
New Blue Sea (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a provider of supply chain logistics service from China to Singapore. Relying on the parent company Foshan Fohang Logistics Group Co., Ltd.’s 70 years of experience in logistics service, it mainly provides supply chain logistics services between China and Singapore such as LCL service, sea and air transport services, China forward warehouse service, Singapore local warehousing and distribution services and overseas warehouse service.
Service Advantages
We operate with our own companies, warehouses and distribution fleets in China and Singapore, with visual management throughout the process. We only accept goods from enterprises, with a low customs inspection rate and the fastest shipping operation in the market.
The parent company has 70 years of history and decades of logistics service experience, having served local companies of Singapore for many years.
We have our own warehouses and fleets in both China and Singapore, specializing in LCL logistics between Chinese mainland and Singapore, and serving Singapore companies and business customers.
With close cooperation with a number of international liner companies over the years, accurate shipping schedule, and guaranteed shipping space, we do not accept sensitive goods, with a low customs inspection rate.
With visual management through the process, our customers can follow up their goods anytime and anywhere.
Scope of Business
LCL business between China and Singapore.
Forward warehouse service in China.
Local warehousing and distribution services in Singapore.
Provide full container shipping services.
Global air transport service.
Global international transfer service.
Overseas warehouse service.
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