Customs Declaration

Foshan Fokong Customs Declaration Co., Ltd. (Fokong Customs Declaration), is a professional declaration enterprise, established in 1995 and approved by the General Administration of Customs, now situating in Foshan New Port, with more than 20 customs specialists. Fokong Customs Declaration can offer relevant services, including customs declaration, inspection, fumigation, transit-declaration, customs registration agency and automatic import license agency to vast customers.

To ensure the service quality, Fokong Customs Declaration has developed a professional customs system (CAMS) fully connecting to the Foshan New Port information system, and with the certificate of quality management system ISO9001 2008, the company is able to provide customers with professional, accurate and fast customs clearance and inspection services.

Over the years, Fokong Customs Declaration continuously improves work efficiency and service quality. We have successfully launched Customs Declaration information platform, by which Fokong Customs Declaration can submit operation application and customs information to the terminal operation system directly. Also the vast customers of import & export also can search the Information they need easily and timely.