Barge Transportation

Fohang Barge Fleet, subordinated to Fohang Logistics Group, is the main body of barge transport business, with more than 50 years barge operation experience and shipping capacity of about 25,000 D.W.T. Relying on its own barge resources and professional transportation skills, and a stable qualified crew with professional certificates and it has opened certain transport routes of container, bulk and general cargoes from Foshan to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Combining with the information-oriented operating system of dispatch department, the Fleet follows up each delivery ultimately to ensure that all goods are safe and reliable during the transportation, offering timely and secure barge transport services at the best price.

Fohang Barge Fleet possesses several kiloton-grade multi-functional container vessels with its advantage vessel type in 96T, 120T and 160T. We have a shipping capacity of over 25,000 tons, which ranks the largest scale fleet of container, general and bulk cargo in Foshan.

Business Scope:
  • 1、Container waterway shipping for foreign trade between Hong Kong and the terminals of PRD
  • 2、International container transshipment via Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hong Kong to terminals all around the world
  • 3、Waterway shipping of various large bulk cargo between Hong Kong and Guangdong terminals
  • 4、Domestic container waterway shipping among major ports of PRD
  • 5、Waterway shipping of special bulk cargo between the PRD and Hong Kong terminals