International Freight

Fohang Wonstar International Freight Forwarding CO., Ltd (Fohang Wonstar International), the subsidiary of Foshan Fohang Logistics Group Co., Ltd., possessing the license of first-class freight forwarding agency approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, as well as the certificate of Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) issued by the Ministry of Communications of China, mainly engages in international freight forwarder services of container, bulk and load cargo for import and export goods by ocean, land and air transport.

Presently, Fohang Wonstar International has established networks in Shenzhen, Nansha, Sanshui, Beijiao of Foshan, Yunfu, Fangcheng Guangxi Province, and has already developed good cooperative relationships with several world-class shipping liners and major ports in the PRD. Working together with Fohang Wonstar Shipping (HK) Co., Ltd, and taking good use of the resources of its own fleet, Foshan New Port, shipping agency, customs declaration of Fohang, Fohang Wonstar International can provide customers a full set of high quality logistics solutions of competitive rate, multi-routes, and strict barge schedule, including trailer, customs declaration, terminal handling, chartering & booking, and other shipping services from the PRD to various ports globally.

Fohang Wonstar International is dedicated to building the brand of freight forwarding expert in ASEAN, and gradually develops the partnership with logistics enterprises in India, Singapore Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam, the Group gradually forms a logistics network, which can connect Pearl River Delta with the developed countries and rising markets. Fohang Wonstar International has joint World Cargo Alliance (WCA) in 2010. Making use of the world wide network of WCA, we provide customers with cost-effective, well-planning and door-to-door services.

Advantage Lines:
  • > Foshan New Port - Korea / Japan / Taiwan / Singapore
  • > Foshan New Port - South-East Asia (Malaysia / Indonesia / Vietnam / Thailand / Philippines)
  • > Foshan New Port - India / Pakistan / Bangladesh
  • > Foshan New Port - Middle East / South Africa / North America
  • > Foshan-other ports abroad
International line partners